fk mcloone is a glasgow-based multidisciplinary artist with an interest in commercial, industrial and domestic design, from architecture to argos catalogues. though often taking visual inspiration from the neutral and anonymous, much of their focus is on how we, as humans, relate and identify with these spaces and objects – investigating social, emotional and political aspects of the inanimate. for a full cv or more information please get in touch.


duncan of jordanstone college of art and design
BA (hons) fine art, first class honours, 2018


ideal spaces, six foot gallery, glasgow, 2019 (solo exhibition)
they had 4 years, GENERATORprojects, dundee, 2019
the queer dot, cooper gallery, dundee, 2019
showcase 2019, six foot gallery, glasgow, 2018
swing it shake it move it make it (who do u think u r?), GENERATORprojects, dundee, 2018
DJCAD zine library, matthew gallery, DJCAD, dundee, april 2018
3 generations of women artists perform, horsecross arts, perth concert hall, march 2018
GENERATORprojects members show, dundee, 2017
a.gender, bradshaw gallery, DJCAD, dundee, 2015
test 2: transfer, cooper gallery, dundee, 2015 (co-curator)
test 1: relate, tin roof, dundee, 2014 (co-curator)

selected publications

domain (TH4Y edition), 2019
perimeter, 2018
proposal, 2017

group publications

best practice, issue 1, 2018
plastik 6: future, 2014


Degree Shows 2019: paranoia-inducing installation, non-binary paintings, and good things in small packagesa-n
Degree Shows 2019: site-specific archaeology, painterly installations, and meticulous miniaturesa-n
Look Again, Aberdeen: festival includes “captivating, powerful and strikingly beautiful” worka-n
Degree shows 2018: an oasis of comfort, screaming houseplants and questioning mass consumptiona-n
Degree shows 2018: architectural forms, a package holiday performance and trompe l’oeil paintings – a-n
Degree shows 2018: announcing this year’s a-n Instagram takeoversa-n
Dundee Degree Show 2018: Brilliantly bizarreThe Skinny