In Domain, FK McLoone aims to explore domestic spaces where the individual feels most empowered to make change, where there is a sense of personal ownership, and where there is most control. Looking through the lens of home improvement media, which promises creative fulfilment, upward mobility, and inner peace through consumption, destruction, and continual renewal, their response takes form in a stream-of-consciousness publication, equal parts critique and fascination. Reconfigured imagery and freeform text explore themes of domestic labour, the dangers of small spaces and the virtues of transformation, while incorporating artwork, writing and ideas from each of the artists in TH4Y.

Domain (TH4Y Edition) is a 44-page full colour publication by FK McLoone created for GENERATORprojects’ annual graduate exhibition, They Had 4 Years 2019. Additional contributions from Corah Ambrose, Catriona Beckett, Hayley Jane Dawson, Annie Eliasson and Rachel Woodside. Publication available to purchase exclusively from GENERATORprojects, Dundee.