swing it shake it move it make it (who do u think u r?)

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InĀ Swing It Shake It Move It Make It (who do u think u r?), six recent DJCAD graduates attempt to work through post-degree-show identity crisis with humour, surrealism and absurdity. Curated by Megan Goldie with works by Mhairi Cormack, Elizabeth Ann Day, Rachel McCreadie, FK McLoone and Steven Sheath.

Opening night, 16th November 2018, GENERATORprojects, Dundee

FK McLoone

Fieldwork / Clearly

Megan Goldie


Mhairi Cormack


Elizabeth Ann Day


@elizabethannday / elizabethannday.com

Rachel McCreadie

@rachelmccreadie_ / rachelmccreadie.com

Steven Sheath